What is OroGold Cosmetics’ OroGold Exclusive

OroGold Cosmetics is a line that I have tried before with great results, but I had to admit that I had only tried some of their basic products and never had really explored the rest of what was out there. I decided to look a little further and that took me into the OroGold Exclusive line. There I found interesting cannabis and caviar lines for those with the most lavish tastes! Here is what I found in the OroGold Exclusive line:

Cannabis Golden Leaf

This 24K line by OroGold Cosmetics uses ingredients like peptides in addition to gold to create a collection that includes a facial mask, skin serum, and a day moisturizer to bring out that youthful beauty in everyone’s face.


Yes, caviar is not just a delectablehors d’oeuvre any more, it has demonstrated itself to be versatile enough to also be used in beauty products! This indulgent part of the OroGold Cosmetics collection uses caviar extract and sea kelp to aid in bringing about a more natural, glowing complexion.

Cleopatra Regimen

This is a full treatment available through the OroGold Cosmetics line which is done in three stages. It includes a cream, gold sheets, and a serum to create a glowing appearance.


No this part of the OroGold Cosmetics doesn’t involve being frozen for extended periods of time! There are several products in this collection that can be bought individually or as an entire package. It’s formulated to lift the skin and restore elasticity. Interestingly enough, it also includes diamond powder as part of its formulation!

Eye Collection

The OroGold Cosmetics Eye Collection focuses on taking care of all of those crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness while bringing back that youthful vigor to the area around the eye.


OroGold Cosmetics’ 24K Multi-Vitamin Collection does exactly what it promises: this beauty regimen uses vitamins A, C, and E to enhance and improve skin. This is also a choice product for those with dry to normal skin.


The OroGold Cosmetic Nano Collection is an exclusive set of products that is are geared towards those seeking the supplest, soft skin one can achieve.

Sir Collection

The Sir Collection is an interesting part of the OroGold Collection that is actually geared towards those men who like to take care of themselves. This collection uses a number of powerful ingredients meant to enhance the look and appearance of skin. It accomplishes this by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and getting rid of irritating, dry skin.


The OroGold Collection’s attractive Termica line features an exclusive beauty regimen, featuring the 24K Termica Energizing Mask, which is self-heating! The results of this treatment are to promote softer skin and a glowing complexion.

Tightening Solution

This workhorse of the OroGold Cosmetics line is the 24K DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol Tartrate) Wrinkle Tightening Solution. This advanced formula is targeted towards reducing sagginess and fine lines. It also tightens skin and features ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and DMAE.